Thursday, June 25, 2015

Deep Sea Diving

All photos via BLACKSEA

Nothing will make you feel more like a slacker than hearing the trials and tribulations of someone starting their own business and launching their own collection.  This is doubly true if this person happens to maintain a full time day job at the same time.  Needless to say, I was in awe to find out that the designer of BLACKSEA, a handbag collection that I've been admiring for several seasons, was Jane Lerman.  I have known Jane for several years as the founder of L.E.R. P.R., a wonderful New York based boutique firm that represents many emerging designers.  While running her own agency, the multi-tasking, multi-talented P.R. maven managed to put together an incredibly luxe, desirable, and chic collection of bags in a variety of minimalist, geometric designs.  Jane, who is well aware of the needs of a modern, on-the-go woman, has created a bags for every occasion, whether it is a roomy portfolio suited for work, or a sparklingly reflective miniaudiere made for the red carpet.  My personal favorite is a triangle shaped pochette made in black, laser cut leather.  Kudos to Jane for doing it all!


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