Thursday, September 11, 2014

Picasso Baby

Why have a fashion show when you can mount an art show about fashion?  Eschewing a traditional runway presentation, Daniel Palillo presented his Spring 2015 collection at The Hole gallery.  No models, just mannequins dressed in Palillo's most outlandish and outrageous collection to date, presented alongside paintings of Palillo-fied fashion figures.  Most outfits were topped with elaborate custom made masks, and both the mannequins and their matching painted portraits were given a Picasso-esque set of distorted features, as well as a heavy dose of Palillo's signature irreverent and off-the-wall humor. The collection drew from themes of previous collections, remixing Palillo's favorite recurring motifs: Anarchy signs, distorted faces, eyeballs, and crosses.  The result?  A surrealist patchwork that's impressively complex; some of the pieces are constructed from at least 180 pieces of fabric.  Simply imagining the work of the pattern makers makes you sweat.  But the hard work paid off, and certainly signals a bold move forward for the designer.


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