Friday, June 20, 2014

Sound and Vision

Photos courtesy of Won Hundred

Midsommar is upon us, which is another good reason to check in on what's going on in the Northern part of the world.  Won Hundred is based in Copenhagen, well established in Scandinavia, and just starting to make a name for itself stateside.  Last week I got a preview of the Pre-Spring collections and was impressed with the combination of new technical materials and fun prints, all in casual, sporty cuts.  Inspired by David Bowie's life in Berlin in the seventies, the collection has a wallop of the musician's signature glam flair without getting overtly referential or falling into the cliche rocker tropes.  I'm particularly obsessed with the paintbrush prints and the sherbet colored jackets.  As for Bowie?  I think his seventies-era self would definitely approve of the black and white striped leather jacket and the metallic shoes.


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