Monday, March 3, 2014

Daydream Nation

Of all the Buzzfeed quizzes/procrastination tools floating around, it might actually be worth wasting your time on finding out which 90's indie band you are.  Amongst the questions: Pick the best TV Static.  I picked the undulated rainbow waves, the ones that most resemble the digital prints of the RICHARDS Fall/Winter 2014 collection.  Sarah Richards looks towards both the hyper-real and the obviously synthetic while designing her prints each season.  For this collection, she's melded what look like the static color bars from your television screen and pop-up windows from your computer with enhanced naturalistic images of gallivanting Orca whales and crashing tides.  It might sounds like a dizzying collide of nature versus technology, but it creates a fun interplay within the casual silhouettes, which are perfectly cut to highlight the contrast of the different print patterns.  In case you were wondering what my quiz results were, I got Sonic Youth, who would incidentally serve as a pretty good soundtrack for this collection.


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