Monday, March 31, 2014

Born to Run

Finsk heels

I haven't been to Sweden in almost two full years now (!!!) so it was quite a refresher when my Stockholm-based friend Travis came to visit, with all the brands from his new showroom, We Shall Run, in tow.  Travis was full of the latest Swedish fashion news, which I've been totally out of the loop on, and graciously also introduced me to a handful of new labels, most of which are based in Northern Europe.

I loved the surfer and hacker inspired collection of Stockholm based designer Anders Haal, who presented his first collection this season after a long stint designing for Ann-Sofie Back.  I also got a peek at the androgynous line Patouf, which has been around for years, but which I never came across when I lived in Stockholm.   Elegant, yet understated and casual, I was impressed by how many of the pieces from the collection could be worn by either sex.  I'd also never heard of Claudia Ligari, an Italian designer whose collection also has a bit of an androgyne feel, with well crafted menswear style pieces made for the ladies.

My new favorite?  A line called Frisur, with plenty of enhanced basics: casual sweatshirts with fun embroidery, custom designed knit fabrics that make for great sweaters and sweatpants, and well-fitting jackets.  Most impressively, the collection is completely affordable, with plenty of styles priced under $100.

There was also an old favorite: FINSK.  I'm probably most impressed that Travis is now representing this well established avant-garde shoe collection, as well as their secondary line Skin by Finsk.  Known for their colorful and architectural, if sometimes dangerous looking designs, Finsk heels often resemble a carefully stacked Jenga set or pile of building blocks.  They're a natural editorial/blogger favorite, and I immediately had to order their version of a stacked heel boot.

Obviously there's been plenty going on in Stockholm since I left.  It makes me want to get on a plane headed North ASAP…

Skin by Finsk boot

Frisur embroidered Sweatshirt

Claudia Ligari

Claudia Ligari





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Charles said...

love those cut out boots. super chic.
great inspiration!