Saturday, February 8, 2014

Araks Autumn 2014: Balancing Act

The Araks girl is obviously modeled after the designer herself: femme but not fussy, minimal yet tinged with an eccentric flourish, sophisticated but somehow not self-serious.  These are all traits that I would aspire towards, and looking at Araks Autumn 2014, I think I've found a style sensibility that I am equally inclined to adopt.  The collection is clownish and playful, with exaggerated trapeze silhouettes, over-oversized sleeves, smatterings of ruffles, and arrays of perfectly placed polka dots.  Nonetheless, the polka dots are rendered in a sparkling lurex that peeps mischievously out from under transparent silk chiffon, or pops out as a peplum from a wool dress; the wool jackets are more lady than little tramp.  It strikes just the right balance: pushing boundaries just enough to feel new and interesting, without ever veering out of the comfort zone of wearability.


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