Monday, November 11, 2013

Psychedelic Fleurs

One of my favorite discoveries this season is Skotison, a newly launched New York based label from Chelsea Goldman and Alyssa Lesser.  The debut collection is full of all the fun and fabulous things that make my heart beat a little faster: custom designed prints featuring ogling eyeballs, holographic floral decals, and most impressively, a denim 3D textured print that the girls custom developed by molding the fabric and then filling it with gel.  The results are wild, including a pair of 80's style high-waisted jeans adorned with puffy stars and moons (which all have a pleasant spongy feel when poked), and an acid-trippy looking full length dress adorned with holographic flowers batting their eyelashes. Beyond all the kooky and kawaii elements, the items are impressively well made, and also speak to the incredible innovation of Goldman and Lesser.  Though the 3D textured fabric is apparently very expensive, I expect that someday in the not-to-far-off future, we will be seeing it all over.


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1 comment:

Ericka Zass said...

I would like to know the source of the black mule-type shoes worn by the gurls leaning against the hearse.

Ever so grateful I would be.