Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lines and Dots

Leg Luxury tights, Marni x H&M coat, Topshop Jacket, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair tunic, Messeca NYC boots,  Margiela x H&M necklace, Norma Kamali sunglasses

Fall (which at the moment feels like deep winter) requires the digging out of heavy knits, winter jackets, and of course, tights and leggings.  I hate just about everything else about the change of seasons after my six-month-long cold-weather endurance test in Stockholm, but I do love the change in wardrobe.  Every jacket has been getting an equal amount of time in rotation, but I've been wearing my Leg Luxury striped tights nonstop.  They go with just about everything, but I've taken to pairing them with clashing stripes and dots.  Perfect for a ride on my Citibike down to the Lower East Side for high tea and chocolate at Tache, and a peek at the set of Steven Soderbergh's new television series, The Knick, which made over Orchard Street and temporarily took it back a century back in time.


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