Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Corpse Bride

I haven't made a costume in ages, but decided to go all out for the dual costume holidays of Halloween and Day of the Dead.  After all, I had two grand parties to attend: Screaming Mimi's Halloween dinner, and E.R. Butler's Day of the Dead celebration.  I already had many of the pieces assembled from previous Six Six Sick DIY costumes, including a 'porcelain' floral skirt, a Helle Mardahl hand painted dress, and a harlequin ruff collar.  The final piece was the veil, which I decided would be Comme Des Garcon Fall 2009 inspired.

I got a head start making the floral headpiece at the She and Reverie party over the summer, gluing plenty of fake flowers to a thin metal headband.  Since I wanted the off-white flowers to match the painted white flowers of my porcelain dress, I painted all of the flowers with white acrylic paint and let them dry.  I then took two yards of white tulle and cut it into thirds, affixing two layers in the back and one layer in the front with a glue gun, and securing it to the headband with another layer of felt.  I also wrapped the raw ends of the metal headband in off-white Mokuba ribbon. I finished by embroidering a pair of black trompe-l'oeil lips to the front, for that little Comme-inspired touch.

Of course, a corpse bride wouldn't be complete without a corpse groom, and Jimmy ended up being my best accessory.

My corpse groom

The Day of the Dead Crew!

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