Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Second Skin

Los Angeles might be somewhat of a dark horse in the fashion industry, but one of the most exciting collections I saw during NYFW was a leather-centric line based out of the City of Angels.  Skingraft, designed by Jonny Cota, presented their first runway show for Spring 2014, featuring their body hugging leather jackets and dresses alongside mesmerizing digital prints.  Inspired by exoskeletons and sportswear, Cota created an intricately constructed second skin with seam lines that gave the illusion of outer armor.  This was further enhanced by skeletal prints that mimicked warpaint worn by tribes in Papa New Guinea.  The result was utterly entrancing, and Cota is definitely on my radar as one to watch.


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Charles said...

oooh sooo futuristic. really inspiring post.