Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dystopian Dream Girl

Suzanne Pelaez of Suzanne Rae is an incredibly cerebral designer, and every season, it's always a pleasure to get a peek inside her head, and see what she's brooding on at the moment. Lately, she's been obsessing over the book 2150 AD by Thea Alexander, a new age cult classic.  The book centers around the coming of the Age of Aquarius in 2150, which embodies Utopian ideals of humanitarianism, environmentalism, and altruism.  The clothes in the collection are imagined to be the accompanying wardrobe for the characters in the book, as they evolve through different levels of enlightenment.  The collection contains stark and sterile white sheaths that signify the highest stage of enlightenment, and also evokes images of the future with neoprene bubble coats and digital prints that alternatively conjure images of utopia and dystopia.  I have not read the book, but after seeing the collection, I feel highly inclined to do so, especially after Suzanne's effusive recommendation.  Nonetheless, you do not need to   read the book to see the minimal beauty of the forward thinking and forward looking garments.


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