Friday, October 25, 2013

Best Week Ever

Nicollette: vintage.  Tiffany: Prada skirt and top, Legs Luxury tights, ASOS feather jacket, Vintage shoes, Ted Muehling pearls and earrings.  Christina: Timo Weiland dress, Marni shoes.

The perfect couple.  The most beautiful wedding ceremony.  And an appropriately festive party to match.  It was the best weekend ever, and all of our friends were there.  Seriously wishing that it would never, ever end.  Or that we could just celebrate this marriage over and over, in perpetuity.  Jonny and Jasper Forever.  Love you guys.

The Grooms

Six Six Sick bonfire reunion

Family photo at The Lake House

#jonnyandjasper forever

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somewherebetweenwakingandsleeping said...

goddamn some of the most handsome grooms Ive ever seen! Excellent styling right there.

Ps. I love that you are posting again. Seeing the 66sick girls together again reminds me of the earlyd days when I started reading your blog :)

Ericka Zass said...

Lovely Love. Best to the grooms!