Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Math Wiz

Each season, I always wonder what my friend Becca McCharen can possible do next to top herself. While Chromat started with fantastical caged garments, over the past couple of years, it has evolved into a full-fledged swim line, accompanied by plenty of music-video ready garments, all based on the original geometric structures and lines that served as the foundation of the first collection.  Nonetheless, for Spring 2014, Becca managed to out-do herself again, collaborating with the metalsmith next door to create seriously sick medieval-modern metal cages.  While the outrageous hand constructed pieces might be out of reach for the average girl on a budget, Becca presented plenty of other fun, sporty options.  Inspired by mathletes, Becca created clothes that fused the streamlined, sexy, and functional elements of sportswear with the strange math and calculated construction masterminded by a woman who clearly once studied to be an architect.  I'm not quite sure if Becca is actually an athlete herself, but after viewing the show, I couldn't help cheering from the sidelines.  GET IT GIRL.


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cleartheway said...

Very sporty and interesting! I actually really like many of these. (I found you while searching new blogs on Bloglovin!)

Kate from Clear the Way