Tuesday, August 27, 2013

School's Out Forever

All photos courtesy of Daniel Palillo

With all of the 90's nostalgia that's been floating around over the past few seasons, it's surprising few designers have managed to fully capture the apathetic attitude and the "whatever" spirit of the decade.  Even though Daniel Palillo's latest spring collection doesn't contain any throwback silhouettes, and only offers a handful of stylistic references to that era, the clothes fully channel the spirit of grunge, and the generation of kids that were written off as slackers.  Oversized jersey shirts, varsity jackets and cheerleader uniforms are emblazoned with phrases like "work sucks" and "I hate my job," or bear the proud label of "slacker." The oversized pajama-like pants and shirts encourage wearing your bed clothes to work, and to do as you please, rather than what someone tells you.  Even though Palillo celebrates this laissez-faire approach to life, he's the last one who'll be caught slacking; this collection is his largest yet.


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