Thursday, August 15, 2013

Escape From New York

The best bed and breakfast you've never heard of, Ashton House at Swarthmore College. LAMO shoes, Lebor Gabala dress, Norma Kamali Sunglasses, Jerome Dreyfuss bag, Ted Muehling silver bangle

Even though New York has been pleasantly cool this summer, I joined the mass exodus from the city and turned my August three-day weekend into a four-day mini-getaway.  You can't get very far in four days, so we kept it close to home, with a short trip up to Philadelphia and Swarthmore (my alma mater), and then on to Baltimore.

The trip was quick, but I managed to squeeze in trips to the Mutter Museum, Philadelphia's macabre medical oddity collection, the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore's outstanding outsider art center, and the must see National Aquarium.  And of course, for the full road trip experience, I had to hit up some Food Channel-approved restaurants for some all-American comforts.  Crab was eaten at every other meal, including a classic crab bucket at Phillip's on the waterfront, and some soft shell crab at the critically hyped Woodberry Kitchen.  Anthony Bourdain's tips lead us to Paesano's sandwich shop in Philadelphia for completely over-the-top, heart-stopping (as in cardiac arrest) subs, as well as Han Dynasty, which is some of the best, and spiciest, Chinese food in Philadelphia, or anywhere.  While I normally do not pay heed to the advice of Guy Fieri, I had to agree with his praise of Blue Moon Cafe; even though I generally dislike both Cap'n Crunch cereal and French Toast, I found the combination of the two to be straight out of one of Willy Wonka's more highly-evolved dreams.  The only thing I missed out on was shopping--any tips for next time?

The Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore

Hotel Brexton, home of the former Wallis Simpson

Captain Crunch French Toast at Baltimore's Blue Moon Cafe

The prettiest pink door, Fell's Point, Baltimore

The Jellies Invasion exhibition at the Baltimore Aquarium 


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