Sunday, July 28, 2013

Turn Up The Volume

All photos courtesy of Julia Jentzsch

Julia Jentzsch might not trigger any instant name recognition, but it's highly likely that you've seen her work before.  Her long and illustrious resume includes stints at Jil Sander, YSL, and Calvin Klein, and she's even won an Ecco Domani for her previous line, NAUM.  After years of working under other people's labels, Jentzsch recently launched her own namesake brand in 2012.  The line features a classic mashup of masculine-feminine styles, inflected with a hint of her German background and her New York-based lifestyle.  Each pieces is constructed with an impeccable sense of tailoring, and this season's Urban Peasant themed collection features plenty of gorgeous billowing silhouettes, including a spectacularly voluminous wool cocoon coat.  I'm looking forward to seeing what else is to come from Jentzsch--perhaps soon enough, her name will be familiar to all.


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