Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whole Lotta Look: Chromat A/W 2013

As one of Becca McCharen's biggest--and earliest--fans, I couldn't help but feel a slight surge of pride as she presented her first ever Chromat fashion show.  This week's been a big week for Becca, starting on Sunday with costuming Beyonce's backup dancers for the Superbowl (watch it again, you'll recognize the cages whirring around in the background), and continuing with her first foray into New York Fashion Week.  For her debut, Becca expanded on the themes that she's been working on for the past few years, basing her garments on her background in architecture, and applying that knowledge to creating structures around the human body.  This season's main source of inspiration was parametric design and three-dimensional translations of mathematical equations.  Even if the sound of those words makes your head hurt, you can still enjoy the beauty of the super structural undulating grid results, which weave and wind themselves around the body with a tightly calibrated sense of dynamism.  Obviously, fanatical attention to detail yields fantastic results.


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Manon H.A. said...

this is awesome. especially the iridescent Bra on the last pic !! would love to wear that.

Buffy Leigh said...

Becca's a genius!