Friday, February 15, 2013

Sister Saviour: Suzanne Rae Fall Winter 2013

With the prevalence of celebrity-driven, bling-saturated style, Suzanne Rae's Fall 2013 presentation provided a nice alternative to what passes for fashionable across the gossip and style magazine circuit.  Rather than looking to this season's it girl muse, Suzanne turned her gaze towards women involved in humanitarian aid, and those who've dedicated their lives to serving the greater good and helping those in need.  Casting her attention on the modest garments worn by nuns, missionaries, and monks, Suzanne presented pared down pieces in the simplest and most minimal shapes and silhouettes.  The reference was evocative rather than literal, drawing on the spirt of aestheticism while also serving as a subtle reminder of the selfless acts that we are able to perform in our everyday lives.


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