Monday, February 11, 2013

Cave Dweller: Rochambeau Fall/Winter 2013

For Fall 2013, the Rochambeau collection was inspired by the cave paintings of the 40,000 year old Chauvet cave located in the Ardeche region of France, the same cave that inspired Werner Herzog's film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams.  Having recently visited the Caves of Lascaux, another cave that was discovered to hold cave paintings, I can understand how inspiring the depictions of prehistoric life can be, especially when one considers the immensely laborious ancient painting methods.  That said, the
the resulting collection bore little resemblance to the garments the Paleolithic cave painters probably wore, and instead seemed to be designed in the dedicated spirit of these devoted unknown artists.  Additionally, the paintings themselves have been reinterpreted as some of the season's silhouette, and signature forms from the cave art reappear in embroideries on sweatshirts, and as prints on shirts and leggings.


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