Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard Ready: PARKCHOONMOO Autumn/Winter 2013

Against all my self-preservationist instincts, I braved the elements and made my way through the "historical blizzard" to see the PARKCHOONMOO show at Lincoln Center this evening.  Even though the trek was well worth it, I began to suspect that the designer might have accidentally summoned the winter storm herself.  Inspired by the majesty of glaciers and the Arctic, Demi Park presented plenty of cold-weather attire meant to withstand subzero temperature and weather whatever tricks mother nature has to offer.  There were thick and cozy knits, alpaca fur wraps, and some very cozy looking padded pillow coats that looked like they could double as sleeping bags, and provided the extra bonus of being weather resistant.  Even though the designs embody Park's signature cool and minimalist chic, they also have a sense of built in practicality. Given the current bout of blizzarding, it was hard not to imagine stealing the clothes off the runway and taking them for a fashionable romp in the drifts of snow quickly mounting outside.  They would provide the perfect attire for building a snowman outside, which is exactly what some showgoers were doing in the plaza of Lincoln Center.

Post-show snowman building at Lincoln Center


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