Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Truth Will Set You Free

All photos by Honest by Bruno Pieters

A year ago today, Bruno Pieters launched Honest By, an eco-focussed clothing company based on radical transparency regarding the facts of how clothes are made, what they are made out of, who produces them, and how much they cost.  Never, to my knowledge, have so many intricate production details been revealed in order to clarify the methods and practices that make the clothing sustainable or 'organic,' a word that is loosely thrown around, but rarely truly explained.  For example, if you are considering purchasing a white organic silk chiffon evening dress, you can learn that it was manufactured in Antwerp using 100% organic silk, and took 48 hours to design, 160 minutes to construct, 3 fittings, and 70.625 euros worth of fabric,.  Very few companies would reveal the cost of making the dress (352 euros) alongside its marked up price (1706 euros), but this company at least breaks down the justification for the markup every step of the way.

Beyond all these numbers, measurements, and jargon that most people outside of the fashion industry have little interest in, the clothes themselves are splendid.  Pieters's garments all reflect his modern and minimalist aesthetic, and forward thinking design.  He also has chosen a selection of other designers who follow a similar design sensibility while maintaining the same dedication to sustainable design, including Calla and Nicolas Andreas Taralis.  None of the items are inexpensive, but Pieters demonstrates, piece by piece, that good and ethical design comes at a price.


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Lucinda said...

Honest in all aspects of the label from design to manufacture. I've seen images of the collections floating around but hadn't twigged to the level of commitment to sustainability.