Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Nails

Cirque x Arms & Armory nail polish and ring set, Alter Ego

Happy New Year!  It's been a while since I've posted because of my hectic work schedule, and then a much needed Christmas holiday.  I am finally getting around to basic indulgences like treating myself to a home manicure, and for 2013, I'm so excited to try out the new Cirque x Arms and Armory nail color collaboration.  My good friend Annie Pham, the lady behind the magic of Cirque Colors, teamed up with Christina, my partner, as well as the designer of Arms and Armory, to create a holographic black polish called Alter Ego, easily the sickest, spaciest black polish around (perhaps I am biased).  Inspired by 90's Hard Candy polishes, which each came adorned with a gummy ring, Christina made an Art Deco style black enameled ring to sit on top of each bottle of polish.  The ring is conveniently adjustable, and I've taken to wearing it in the middle of my finger, above my knuckle.

The Arms and Armory ring, center, worn with my Ted Muehling wedding band and Gabriella Kiss labradorite ring


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Daisy said...

Oh wow! This is very pretty!

Amanda said...

love this color!!