Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Forgotten Fashion

All images via The Red List

While trolling Etsy last month, I stumbled upon a gorgeous kimono sleeved baby-blue sweater.  The designer, who wasn't listed in the item's heading, was listed as Bill Gibb.  The name sounded familiar, if a bit far-off, and the item seemed too special to be your average vintage castoff.  Some quick googling revealed the Gibb's fabulous, although short, and ultimately forgotten designs, which presented a fantastical time-travelling exploration of period dress, supplemented with an expertly executed pastiche of knits and crafty looking textiles.  Gibb died young in 1988, but his designs influenced plenty of designers after him, including John Galliano, who was obviously inspired by Gibb's flair for drama.  I never got my hands on the sweater, which was a complete steal considering the small fortune Gibb's garments fetch on eBay, but I've been enjoying these old editorials featuring his work, which remind me of some of my current favorite designers, Mary Katrantzou, Ostwald Helgason, and Hermione de Paula.


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Ericka Zass said...

Love this Gibb! The sail dress in first place takes...1st place. I want! I want!