Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color Coordinated

Dries Van Noten Sweater, J.W. Anderson x Topshop kilt, Ostwald Helgason leggings, Burnetie sneakers, Gap socks, Cambridge Satchel Company bag, Triskaidekaphobia Necklace.

Sale season is in full swing, and I was lucky to be strolling through Barney's right when they were marking everything down 75%.  I snatched up this Dries Van Noten sweater, and I couldn't resist pairing it with a bunch of my favorite brights, and clashing patterns to bring a little color and cheer to an otherwise drab and dismal day.  I wore it with my neon pink Cambridge Satchel Company bag, which also happened to be stuffed with some equally neon nonsense, including my Archie Grand Secret Agents notebook, and some Tide-to-go stain erasers (always good to have on hand if you're a klutz like myself). Balanced my neon/print optical overload with my J.W. Anderson x Topshop kilt and my Burnetie sneakers, and headed out to dinner at Red Farm for Pacman shaped dim sum and soup dumplings.  Winter this year might not be so bad after all.

Cambridge Satchel Company bag, Celine handkerchief, Archie Grand Notebook, Tide to Go stain eraser, Comme des Garcons wallet, AmeliaKayPhotography iPhone case.   

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melina bee said...

your tights and purse are so so awesome! I mean, the bag is so pink it is practically shocking! I love it

Iwona said...

Great leggings!!! I greet:)

Olya Baileys said...

Hi sweetie!
I like how you combine your clothes.
very cute blog!

kisses from Ukraine!

Ericka Zass said...

Blessed dressed...quelle fun! (esp. the leggings)