Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot and Bothered

Zana modeling her own leather peplum, and a friend modeling one of her bondage style face masks

Yesterday night, I made a sweaty trek over to CATM Gallery with hundreds of other Zana Bayne enthusiasts to view her latest Fall/Winter 2012 collection of leather body-harnesses.  Taking a beautifully orchestrated step away from the traditional fashion presentation, Zana chose to collaborate with three other artists and photographers to fully convey the sensual nature of her work.  Char Alfonzo, Maxime Buchi, and Adrian Wilson used photography, video and installation to capture Zana's work on the human body, playing with the themes of power and submission that are integral to her bondage inspired pieces. The fetishistic and fantastic elements conveyed through the resulting work gave Zana's harnesses a life that could not be expressed in a simple presentation with models, and the gallery truly felt like a teasing peek into Zana's lush, leather-filled world.  The exhibition is only up for one more day, so try to make it if you're in New York.  Otherwise, keep an eye out for her new pieces to arrive--I personally can't wait to get my hands on the leather cone bra pictured in one of Adrian Wilson's photographs.

Zana's Leather skull installation

Leather bra photographed by Adrian Wilson

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Monday, June 11, 2012


All photos by Mark Fina, courtesy of Degen

After stumbling across Degen knitwear on various blogs and Tumblrs, I had the surprise pleasure of stumbling across the magical designer, Lindsay Degen, in real life, while visiting her studio mate.  Lindsay shares an inspiring space in the sprawling Brooklyn Navy Yards with my friend Becca McCharen, the designer behind Chromat.  It is not often that I come across exciting new knitwear designers, and it thrilled me to see Lindsay's work up close and personal, as it is truly one of a kind.  Using a mix of hand knitting and crochet, as well as machine knit pieces made on looms in her studio, Lindsay creates colorful, tongue in cheek, and downright absurd attire using the most traditional and age-old techniques and methods.  While your average knitwear designer's repertoire includes a range of sweaters, socks, scarves and mittens, Degen presents peculiar jersey shirts with boob holes, crochet nipple pasties, and underwear with wooly fake pubes stitched on the front.  Even the Degen version of mittens are a slightly off creation: half mittens and half gloves.

Anyway, the inspiration behind the Fall 2012 Degen collection, Ask Tell, is explained in the lookbook, which I've posted in full here--something I rarely do, but I truly love each and every piece.  What I'm most excited for is not even knit at all; Lindsay is collaborating with Converse on a line of platform sneakers, which you can get a peek at here.


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Instagram Diaries

Jonathan's Birthday Cake

In the midst of my entire apartment falling apart (windows, lights, and plumbing somehow all simultaneously must be fixed), my camera also decided to give up on me this week, leaving me with nothing more than my iPhone to document everything I've been up to and everyone I've been visiting.  Seeing as it's my last free week before I start my new job, I've been running around town getting all my errands done, and catching up with some of my favorite friends and local designers.  Better photos of said designers are on the way, but in the meantime, here's my past week via Instagram.

Floral bouquets at the opening of the new Bijules flagship store at 355 Bowery

Jules presenting the latest collection of her jewelry at the Media Seance at her new shop

Hearts on fire at the Bijules flagship store

Becca custom fitting my Chromat bikini at her new studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yards

The Chromat inspiration board

Degen Knitwear mood board

Anne Koch's installation at Allegra LaViola Gallery

Carved tree stumps at Figment on Governor's Island


Stilt walking musicians at Figment

Victoria on the Statue of Liberty installation at Figment

A puppet from the Children's Museum of Art's stop motion animation program at Figment


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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Etsy, Instagram, Etc...

Single Buckle Rings in Gunmetal, Silver, and Gold-plated brass, available individually or as a set

Following Christina's longstanding obsession with Etsy, we've decided to launch a Six Six Sick Etsy shop featuring smaller pieces of jewelry inspired by our main line, Triskaidekaphobia.  The capsule collection embodies the same sense of strange beauty, and exploration of the fantastic encompassed in the main collection, while also touching on a sense of nostalgia and a loss of innocence.  Prices start at $30 for a single buckle ring, and nothing on the site will be over $100.

In other news, I also recently got addicted to Instagram.  Yes, for better or for worse (actually most definitely for worse--while my husband's been away I've taken to eating meals in front of my computer) we officially spend 95% of our waking lives online.  Follow us at @sixsixsickgirls.

Sterling Silver Nostalgia rings, sold individually or as a set

Gold Vermeil Nostalgia Rings, sold individually or as a set

Silver plated brass Bicuspid Necklace

Gold plated brass Molar Necklace

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nails, Cocktails, and the Gang at Hester Street

Annie and Christina at the Cirque and Shelter booth at the Hester Street Fair

I've spent the last two bright beautiful Saturdays hanging out with Annie, Christina, Sofia, and Riza while they worked at their new booth at Hester Street Fair.  After months of laboriously mixing colors, experimenting with glitters, and probably breathing in tons of fumes, Annie has finally launched her brand of nailpolishes, Cirque.  Her first collection, Dark Horse, features a dozen shimmer, glitter, and sparkle based colors in shades that you won't find in any drugstore beauty isle.  She gave me a few of her favorite colors to take home, and I've been playing around and mixing them with my own nailpolishes all week.  It's hard deciding a favorite, but Epoch, a holographic bluish-green that's the shade of a beetle wing, is what I'm wearing right now, and I never want to take it off.  I also love how well all of the colors work so well together, and seem to look the best when layered or paired with one another.

Christina has also been hard at work with Shelter, a line of candles she's been making Sofia and Riza.  In addition to their line of beeswax candles shaped like bottles and twigs, they've moved on to making scented candles now (finally!), and are planning on coming up with new scents every season.  My personal favorite is Pink Moon, which has a lovely scent of lavender, citrus, sandalwood and berries.

On both of my visits to Hester Street, I only meant to stop by to say hi, but ended up staying to hang out with my favorite lady friends, taste a sampling of the delectable selection of food from local vendors, sip on secretly spiked drinks, and of course, paint my nails with Cirque.  I even switched my energy from corporate windpower to cheaper, non-corporate windpower.  So productive!  Anyway, both Cirque and Shelter will be at Hester Street Market every other Saturday this summer, so make sure to pay the girls a visit if you're in the city.

All the different shades of Cirque polish, which range cost $12-$16

Today's Cirque manicure: Debris layered over Epoch

Shelter bottle shaped candles

New Shelter mini scented tea lights, $4 each, or $14 for a pack of four

Cirque polishes

Beautiful packaging to take my Cirque nailpolish kit home in!

French manicure using Dark Horse (tips) and Potosi (overcoat), by Cirque, and Nude (base coat) by Urban Outfitters

Tibetan Nights (base coat), Fascination Street (tips), and Potosi (overcoat), all by Cirque

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Agony and Ivory

All photos by Nakkna

Back while I was in Sweden, I heard some terrible rumors about the demise of one of my favorite Stockholm based labels, Nakkna.  I didn't see any of their clothes sold at boutiques that previously carried them, and their own stand up shop had long ago been replaced by something else.  After a look at their website (which I should have probably checked earlier), I've happily found that the rumors are false, and that Nakkna is still creating its signature brand of minimal, geometrically cut, directional attire.  Rather than following the normal Spring/Fall collection schedule, Nakkna is now releasing small capsule collections throughout the year at their desired pace, and selling them directly to the consumer via their online shop.  Their latest collection features stark black, white, and greyscale pieces that alternate between aggressively angular and dynamically drapey, and even if they're forward thinking in design, they're clearly made for everyday use and wear.  I just wish I had found the webstore before I left Sweden so I could have saved on international shipping fees.


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