Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome to the Stone Age

With the disaster that Sandy left in her wake there isn't much to get excited about over here.  Although I returned home on Saturday, Christina is still without power after her building was flooded, and our beloved Rockaway Beach has been all but washed away.  While we personally are very lucky to have gotten away relatively unscathed, many of our fellow friends and New Yorkers have not, so if you can, please contribute to the Occupy Sandy supply drive (also linked above), which is a great way to give directly to people on the ground.

In spite of the dismal air surrounding this week, an email from the team at Alder New York cheered me up with photos of their new jewelry collaboration with Robin Mollicone. The one-of-a-kind pieces are constructed from an eye-popping assemblage of neon leather, peyote stitched antique Italian silver beads from the 1800, braided and knotted cords, and semi-precious stones.  I was immediately drawn in by the colors, but my mind was blown by the wild mix of materials, and the labor intensive beadwork that Mollicone learned on a reservation in Upstate New York.  Originally inspired by the beaded and embellished clothes of hippies at a Grateful Dead concert, Mollicone's work still maintains an earthy sensibility and a sense of deference for the ancient craft of beading, but one which has evolved to suit a contemporary world.


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