Monday, October 22, 2012

Pop, pop, pop...

Christina, me, and Riza at our booth at Pop Souk

I'm exhausted from a long afternoon at Pop Souk, where we spent the day selling Triskaidekaphobia and Arms and Armory alongside some of our most fierce and fabulous friends. This year, we lucked out with perfect autumnal New York weather, and the verdant semi-outdoor location of the Standard Biergarten.  I kept my shopping to a minimum, although I couldn't help but indulge myself in a $25 manicure from Naomi Yasuda, and have my eye on some pieces from Zana and Chris.  I'll have to save up my money for the holidays, when the next Pop Souk installment rolls around. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, here's a look at what you missed if you weren't able to make it!

Beautiful Becca of Chromat with her intern

Waseem helped Aimee Phillips sell her extensive wardrobe, including this Heatherette Care Bare, who luckily found a good new home very quickly

Terrariums from Zone 6

Asher Levine's terrifying Halloween Masks, which included Count Lagerfeld and Divine as Dawn Davenport 

The afternoon crowd

Zana Bayne finally joined the Pop Souk ranks!

Christina getting her nails done by Naomi Yasuda

Mack Dugan's absolutely adorable Evening Lunch Bag. Christina picked up the black vinyl version.

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