Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Night at the Met

Mary Katrantzou dress, Alexander Wang shoes, YSL belt, Devaki hat

I've spent the past two days under lockdown because of Hurricane Sandy, with the exception of evacuating my apartment this afternoon after a nightlong black out hit all of Downtown Manhattan.  We've temporarily decamped to my parents' house, while we wait for power, water, and everything else to be restored, which might not be for another four days (!!!).  I hope everyone else is safe and dry.

Anyway, I'm trying to remain upbeat as my beloved hometown gets back on its feet.  Earlier this week, long before Sandy landed and we had any idea of what we were in for, I went to a viewing of the Regarding Warhol exhibition at the Met with Brandon.  The show, which focusses more on the influence of Warhol, than creating a survey of his work, features works from 60 artists, contextualized within the sprawl of pop cultural ideas and concepts that Warhol either introduced, embraced, or laid claim to.  Highlights included Warhol's famed Marilyn Monroe silkscreen, and Félix González-Torres's Portrait of Ross, a rainbow colored pile of candy that viewers were allowed to eat.  And of course, a room filled with silver pillow shaped balloons lifted from The Factory were irresistible to play with.

Coincidentally, that same evening, I also attended a preview of LOFT's spring collection, which featured plenty of colorful floral prints that reminded me a bit of Warhol's flowers.  Can't help but wonder if the designers were perhaps influenced by him too?

Warhol's Marilyn


Félix González-Torres's Portrait of Ross

Silver balloon room

Hans Haacke's Helmsboro County

Floral skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT Spring 2013

Floral pumps from LOFT

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