Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Me at the POP SOUK

The third installment of our all-time favorite pop-up shop, POP SOUK, is coming this Sunday to The Standard just in time for Halloween!  If you missed it last time, POP SOUK is a biannual market for nightlife kids, artists, musicians, and other creative folks to sell their wares or clean out their enormous closets.  You can see photos from the last event here.  We will be there, as always, selling both Triskaidekaphobia and Arms and Armory for seriously discounted prices, alongside some of our favorite freak shows and friends, listed here:

* Aimee Phillips
* Amy Cakes Danky Dank
* Andre Landeros Michel
* Arms and Armory/Triskaldekaphobia
* Asher Levine
* Banned From TV
* Black Milk Productions + Ri-Edizione
* Blind Contours Ian Sklarsky
* Bond Hardware
* Butch Diva x Omar Alexander x Opio
* Chris Habana
* Chromat
* Fish Out of Water Food Co.
* Gypsy Sport
* Haleh Nematazadeh
* Hatting by La China Loca
* House of Ladosha + Dad Video + Michael Magnan
* Hungry Demon
* Jet Olivia
* Kathleen McDonnell
* Ladyfag
* Logan Neitzel
* Mack Dugan
* Martin Keehn
* Naomi Yasuda Nails
* New Black Mini
* NO2
* NY Couture
* Purevile
* Rafael Melendez
* Restler
* Sotu Productions
* Sumner & Co.
* Theresa Dapra
* Triviál
* Vita E Liberta
* Yuasa Studios
* Zana Bayne
* Zone 6 Designs

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