Monday, October 1, 2012

I Came to Get Down: Rochambeau Spring 2013

I don't often have that much to say about the mens' shows, as I find that most menswear options are a whole lot more limiting than womenswear. Of course, there are always some grand exceptions, and Rochambeau, designed by Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper, is definitely one of them.  For Spring 2013, the designers presented harem pants, printed jumpsuits, and extra long button downs for the more forward-thinking and dressing males out there (hello Izzy).  Centered around the dark myths surrounding water, the collection might have been somewhat moody if not for the festive environs of the presentation, which was amongst the liveliest I saw all fashion week.  While strobe lights, fog machines, and loud dubstep music aren't always my favorite combination (they certainly make for tricky photo taking), the added addition of grinning, dancing male models made all the difference.  Afterall, it takes a man with real swagger to wear high waisted harem pants and a layered blazer with no shirt underneath.


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