Thursday, October 4, 2012


After much reluctance, I've jumped on the juice-cleanse bandwagon, opting for a short and sweet three day version after hearing so many of my friends praise the benefits.  While I have suffered from some fatigue, and receiving endless ridicule from my ever supportive husband, I'm not nearly as irritable as I thought I would be.  This is largely because I've holed myself up at home with a couple of cleanse essentials that have made life a little easier: my super-cozy and comforting garden gnome covered pajamas sent over by Munki Munki, a pile of nonessential reading that includes Bullett Magazine and Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story, and a neverending Netflix queue.  I've finally watched The Hunger Games, and am now going to settle in for some Downton Abbey.  Hopefully there will be enough drama to sate my lingering appetite.

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the moon and mars said...

O0OOH - I've been meaning to pick up that book - good?

Charles said...

yes, 100 percent.
love it all.
book, pj's, & netflix especially :)