Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storm Survivor

Olivia plaid blouse c/o Mary Meyer, X-Girl jacket, J.W. Anderson x Topshop kilt, Hunter boots

When I was ten, my best friend and I entered ourselves in the Point O'Woods costume contest as "Storm Survivors," donning torn cut-off shorts and holey tees, and rolling around in the sand as a reference to the local residents battling the particularly inclement weather on that area of Fire Island.  We won the contest, and now, as Halloween rolls around, I ironically find myself in the position of being one of many very real storm survivors.  While I hardly have it as bad as many others across the East Coast, I found myself leaving my powerless apartment with the clothes on back and a few other essentials.

Now that I am at my parents' place, I've found some old favorites from my teenage closet that seem to go perfectly well with the Mary Meyer plaid blouse that the designer kindly sent me, and which I wore when I left my house.  Mary was inspired by the 90's this season, including goth culture, wheat paste punk fliers, and the movie Clueless, creating the perfect skater dress named after the film's famously ditzy fashion-forward star, Cher.  I've been wearing the dolman sleeve crop top non-stop, and been using it to recreate the uniform of my grunge-filled youth: plaid shirt, kilt (I've upgraded from my school uniform to one from J.W. Anderson x Topshop), and an X-Girl faux fur lined jacket that was begging to be revived.

While Mary's nailed all the essentials, to complete the rest of your 90's wardrobe, check out her new shop with her BFF Emma Joe, Friends Vintage, which you can find online or at the Mary Meyer shop in Bushwick.  I'm personally considering ordering this Bergdorf Goodman black slit skirt, which is a steal for $58.  If you're in NYC, make sure to stop by for the launch party at 56 Bogart St. on Saturday, November 17th!


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Night at the Met

Mary Katrantzou dress, Alexander Wang shoes, YSL belt, Devaki hat

I've spent the past two days under lockdown because of Hurricane Sandy, with the exception of evacuating my apartment this afternoon after a nightlong black out hit all of Downtown Manhattan.  We've temporarily decamped to my parents' house, while we wait for power, water, and everything else to be restored, which might not be for another four days (!!!).  I hope everyone else is safe and dry.

Anyway, I'm trying to remain upbeat as my beloved hometown gets back on its feet.  Earlier this week, long before Sandy landed and we had any idea of what we were in for, I went to a viewing of the Regarding Warhol exhibition at the Met with Brandon.  The show, which focusses more on the influence of Warhol, than creating a survey of his work, features works from 60 artists, contextualized within the sprawl of pop cultural ideas and concepts that Warhol either introduced, embraced, or laid claim to.  Highlights included Warhol's famed Marilyn Monroe silkscreen, and Félix González-Torres's Portrait of Ross, a rainbow colored pile of candy that viewers were allowed to eat.  And of course, a room filled with silver pillow shaped balloons lifted from The Factory were irresistible to play with.

Coincidentally, that same evening, I also attended a preview of LOFT's spring collection, which featured plenty of colorful floral prints that reminded me a bit of Warhol's flowers.  Can't help but wonder if the designers were perhaps influenced by him too?

Warhol's Marilyn


Félix González-Torres's Portrait of Ross

Silver balloon room

Hans Haacke's Helmsboro County

Floral skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT Spring 2013

Floral pumps from LOFT

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pop, pop, pop...

Christina, me, and Riza at our booth at Pop Souk

I'm exhausted from a long afternoon at Pop Souk, where we spent the day selling Triskaidekaphobia and Arms and Armory alongside some of our most fierce and fabulous friends. This year, we lucked out with perfect autumnal New York weather, and the verdant semi-outdoor location of the Standard Biergarten.  I kept my shopping to a minimum, although I couldn't help but indulge myself in a $25 manicure from Naomi Yasuda, and have my eye on some pieces from Zana and Chris.  I'll have to save up my money for the holidays, when the next Pop Souk installment rolls around. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, here's a look at what you missed if you weren't able to make it!

Beautiful Becca of Chromat with her intern

Waseem helped Aimee Phillips sell her extensive wardrobe, including this Heatherette Care Bare, who luckily found a good new home very quickly

Terrariums from Zone 6

Asher Levine's terrifying Halloween Masks, which included Count Lagerfeld and Divine as Dawn Davenport 

The afternoon crowd

Zana Bayne finally joined the Pop Souk ranks!

Christina getting her nails done by Naomi Yasuda

Mack Dugan's absolutely adorable Evening Lunch Bag. Christina picked up the black vinyl version.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Me at the POP SOUK

The third installment of our all-time favorite pop-up shop, POP SOUK, is coming this Sunday to The Standard just in time for Halloween!  If you missed it last time, POP SOUK is a biannual market for nightlife kids, artists, musicians, and other creative folks to sell their wares or clean out their enormous closets.  You can see photos from the last event here.  We will be there, as always, selling both Triskaidekaphobia and Arms and Armory for seriously discounted prices, alongside some of our favorite freak shows and friends, listed here:

* Aimee Phillips
* Amy Cakes Danky Dank
* Andre Landeros Michel
* Arms and Armory/Triskaldekaphobia
* Asher Levine
* Banned From TV
* Black Milk Productions + Ri-Edizione
* Blind Contours Ian Sklarsky
* Bond Hardware
* Butch Diva x Omar Alexander x Opio
* Chris Habana
* Chromat
* Fish Out of Water Food Co.
* Gypsy Sport
* Haleh Nematazadeh
* Hatting by La China Loca
* House of Ladosha + Dad Video + Michael Magnan
* Hungry Demon
* Jet Olivia
* Kathleen McDonnell
* Ladyfag
* Logan Neitzel
* Mack Dugan
* Martin Keehn
* Naomi Yasuda Nails
* New Black Mini
* NO2
* NY Couture
* Purevile
* Rafael Melendez
* Restler
* Sotu Productions
* Sumner & Co.
* Theresa Dapra
* Triviál
* Vita E Liberta
* Yuasa Studios
* Zana Bayne
* Zone 6 Designs

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love For Sale

Budapest based designer Klara Kalicz never ceases to surprise me with her outrageous and outlandish collections, often decorating her creations with unusual and possibly uncomfortable forms of embellishments, including pointy metal scales that appear on many of her pieces.  Nonetheless, Kalicz's latest collection appears more fun and festive than fierce, with garments decorated with explosions of multi-colored ribbon that look like a cross between Nick Cave's colorful soundsuits and Confetti System's perfect piñatas.  Perhaps they're not the most practical everyday look, but they'd certainly be fun to wear out at a party (see the raucous video below).


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Monday, October 8, 2012

Denim Dreams: Mary Katrantzou x Current Elliott

All photos by Moda Operandi

Since I am obsessed with all things Mary Katrantzou, I've been eagerly awaiting images from the designer's latest collaboration with Current/Elliott.  Now, the full collection is up on designer trunk show site Moda Operandi, and is even available for pre-sale.  Drawing on the same themes as the rest of her Spring 2013 collection, the denim pieces are digitally printed with postal stamps and foreign currency, and bear the same intensity of all of Katrantzou's designs, only manifested on slightly simpler silhouettes.  Considering her main collection is also on pre-sale on Moda Operandi for prices well into the thousands, while the denim collection is selling for $230-$530, the collaboration is a relative steal.  I normally do not pre-order things at full price, but for Mary I might have to make an exception in order to secure one of these beautiful dresses for myself.


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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sound of Silence: Cloth of Stillness Spring 2013

In the middle of a hectic fashion week, designer Kien Chu asked viewers of his Cloth of Stillness presentation to take a moment to meditate.  Chu, who drew his diverse pool of models from his group of friends and from his mediation class, chose to present his clothes on people of all genders, races, ages, and body types, which emphasized the universality of his timeless, draping unisex collection.  While Cloth of Stillness is highly informed by the healing arts of yoga and meditation, the clothes are far from Lululemon style exercise wear.  Instead, the collection explores the use of fabric to incorporate stillness and meditative moments into quotidian life, and is nice reminder that fashion can still be thoughtful and compassionate.


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Thursday, October 4, 2012


After much reluctance, I've jumped on the juice-cleanse bandwagon, opting for a short and sweet three day version after hearing so many of my friends praise the benefits.  While I have suffered from some fatigue, and receiving endless ridicule from my ever supportive husband, I'm not nearly as irritable as I thought I would be.  This is largely because I've holed myself up at home with a couple of cleanse essentials that have made life a little easier: my super-cozy and comforting garden gnome covered pajamas sent over by Munki Munki, a pile of nonessential reading that includes Bullett Magazine and Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story, and a neverending Netflix queue.  I've finally watched The Hunger Games, and am now going to settle in for some Downton Abbey.  Hopefully there will be enough drama to sate my lingering appetite.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Adult Swim

All photos by Chromat

When my lovely friend Becca McCharen of Chromat first launched her cagey two-pieces and strap-happy one-pieces, it seemed like an experimental foray into swimwear.  Nonetheless, based on the wild success of that first collection, Becca has fully developed her suits, and for Spring 2013, she's presenting ten new creatively strapped, sporty, sexy, beach-ready looks.  Inspired by strong, fearless females, and the imprisoned band Pussy Riot, Becca begs the wearer to channel their inner feminist punk.  Becca also introduces her first leather pieces, with patent leather bustiers, leather hot pants, and of course, leather cages of all shapes and sizes. My personal favorite is a cleverly shaped tan number that can be worn as a skirt, or turned upside down to become a sculptural top.


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