Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stitch by Stitch: Lars Andersson Spring 2013

Lars Andersson will neer cease to amuse and impress me with his unique blend of gothic and grandmotherly knits, that are always forward thinking, yet simultaneously alluringly cozy due to the nature of the medium.  I remember when Swedish-born, New York-based Lars made an offhand comment that he learned how to knit as a child, because everyone in Sweden knows how to knit.  While I wouldn't say this is true, whoever taught Lars to knit many many years ago passed on an impressive set of skills.  Even though Lars's stitches are incredibly fine, and so perfect and precisely executed that they look machine made, each piece is hand knit.  It is pretty hard to imagine or even approximate how many man hours go into creating each piece, but needless to say, each generously draped flowing shawl or floor length maxi skirt is a true labor of love.


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ivette said...

I'm getting a slightly 90s vibe from this collection