Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still I Rise: Ann Yee Spring 2013

While themes of rebirth and resurrection are common tropes within art, literature, music, and of course, fashion, few creatives have had to undergo such a literal renewal process as designer Ann Yee.  Yee's Manhattan studio was recently destroyed by a fire, which engulfed her workspace and ate up her archives.  Suffering a tremendous loss, Yee had to start completely anew.  Yee escaped to the Pacific Northwest, where she was able to summon the energy and inspiration to create her Spring 2013 collection, which in my opinion, is her best yet.  Taking a photograph of a pile of old, worn sea ropes, Yee manipulated the image into a bold, colorful print that became the focal point of the collection.  The rest of the explosive color palette is drawn from there, and one can instantaneously sense the vibrant feeling of reawakening that this collection ultimately represents.


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