Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Space is The Place!: Daniel Palillo Spring 2013

Last night, my dear friends at International Playground hosted a joint presentation of some of their favorite Swedish and Finnish designers.  While I have plenty of photos of all of the other collections, I had to share my friend Daniel Palillo's first, because we can't always save the best for last.  Even though there were only four looks shown, it was great to see the first stateside presentation of Daniel's work in full in-your-face form, styled with all of the swagger that serves as the design foundation for all of Daniel's outrageous garments.  On Daniel's latest weird trip, the theme is "space invasion," or a sci-fi film directed by Spike Lee, where the clothes are a uniform for a whole new street subculture.  Obviously, in this subculture, the pieces speak volumes so the wearers don't have to...

Me and Daniel

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