Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lions, Jockeys, and Bears

When Maj Anya Debear launched her line of scarves, Ursidae (which means 'the family of bears'), the turn of events was unexpected, although not entirely unnatural.  Maja's background is in fine art, and when she set upon translating the tessellation designs her recently deceased father had drawn many decades earlier, scarves came to mind as a perfect medium for displaying the intricate patterns.  Now entering its second season, Maja has created four new styles, the first two based on the same lion pattern that she introduced in her first collection, and the second two adorned with a wildly-hued new jockey print.  Apparently the new design was the toughest of the bunch.  When Maja discovered the jockey amongst her father's sketches, he was a lone horseman, and had yet to be transformed into the painstakingly designed interlocking tessellation pattern.  The hard work obviously paid off, and I think that the jockey is the most thrilling print to date.


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1 comment:

Diane said...

these scarves are beyond beautiful! i can't wait for the weather to start getting crisp enough so i can break out my favorite scarves for the season.