Sunday, September 9, 2012

Anyone for Tennis?: Lauren Moffatt and Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2013

I haven't been attending very many shows this season, as I have a full time job to work my schedule around, but I've managed to squeeze in a couple of shows.  Perhaps it's the fact that the U.S. Open is in full swing one borough away, but it seems like Tennis, and all of it's preppy connotations, is on everyone's mind at the start of fashion week.

Lauren Moffatt was inspired by 60's lawn tennis, and models donned New England collegiate staples like fitted blazers, crochet vests, and blindingly bright stripes, accessorized with Badminton rackets and an LM coat of arms.  I am not normally much of a fan of the prepster look, as I attended an Upper East Side girl's school for thirteen years and got more than my fair share of the style, but I found the collection to be an irresistibly sweet interpretation of preppy, with just the right amount of North Eastern WASP eccentricity to make it feel both authentic--and oxymoronically--modern.

At Rebecca Minkoff, another type of Tennis was on the schedule.  My current favorite band--you guessed it--Tennis, performed alongside the runway show, playing their twee pop songs about sailing and Cape Cod.  Even though they are from Colorado, they sing about the East Coast like they own it, boat shoes, popped collars and all.  I couldn't actually get any decent photographs, as the show was swarming with celebs like Ryan "I pee in the pool" Lochte, but here's a good video, that shows all the girl-on-the-go looks set to the perfect escapist soundtrack. 


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