Monday, August 27, 2012

Fairy Dust

James Jean is probably most well known in the fashion world for his ethereal 2008 collaboration with Prada on their fairy collection, which was printed with Jean's signature illustrations of willowy waifs. His work is highly informed by his background as a comic book artist, yet seemed perfectly matched for the dreamy, pajama-like attire that was presented that season.  It doesn't seem so shocking or unnatural then that Jean has recently launched his own line of accessories, OVM, focusing on jewelry on scarves that embody his other-worldly aesthetic.  The jewelry features metal drips that morph around the neck and splash across fingers, and enameled butterflies drawn straight from his artwork, while the scarves are printed with his fantastical illustrations.  Since I cannot afford to purchase a piece of Jean's artwork (although his prints are a reasonable alternative), I feel like OVM is another good way to get your hands on Jean's pieces, even if you still have to cough up quite a bit of cash.


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Suzanne said...

That scarf in the last two images, WOW <3

Jeane M. said...

These accessories are making me insane, just love them super. Got my eye on your next posts.