Tuesday, August 14, 2012


All photos by Gary Graham

Earlier today, I happened to be stumbling through ABC Carpet & Home, one of my favorite places to ogle all the finer things that I cannot afford, when I came across Gary Graham's little boutique. I've always known it was there, but when admiring (but not touching) five floors of handpainted teapots. 19th century furniture, and woven blankets that are worth several months of my rent, I somehow forget there's actually a small section of clothing thrown into the rarified mix of semi-precious objects. I'd seen Graham's show a few seasons ago at Milk studios, and immediately was drawn into the witchy-wanderer world that he created.  While Graham's clothes could carelessly be labeled "gypsy" or, worse yet, "boho" neither label does justice to the clothes.  The designer is clearly drawn to weather-worn colors and textile finishes that noirishly hint at decay, but uses expertly pieced together holey knits and meticulously rendered digital prints to create the effect of studied imperfection.

Such perfect imperfection comes at a price, but lucky for me the boutique is currently in the middle of its end-of-season sale, with all of the spring collection discounted at up to 90% off (I highly suggest you stop by ASAP! if you are in New York).  After trying on everything in sight, I snatched up a printed coat.  Nonetheless, what I'm really looking forward to is seeing the Fall collection, with all of the patchwork coats and peeling wallpaper-like prints, when it hits the store, which I plan on visiting more regularly from now on.


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