Sunday, July 29, 2012

White Out: DIY Bleached Floral Jeans

BDG Floral Jeans courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Acne blouse, LD Tuttle heels, Slow and Steady Wins the Race sunglasses and bag, Hitch Ring necklace c/o Bond Hardware, chainmail collar necklace c/o Jewelmint, Triskaidekaphobia tooth necklace, Cara Croninger cuff

I haven't done a good DIY in ages, but luckily, the lovely folks at Urban Outfitters helped get me inspired again.  To celebrate the latest collection of their in-house denim line, BDG, the U.O. team, who are longtime DIY enthusiasts, took over The Hole gallery and transformed it into a slap-dash denim workshop.  Guests were given their choice of BDG jeans to customize, and work stations were set up for bleaching, shredding, studding, and painting your jeans, with plenty of pre-made examples on hand for anyone in need of creative direction.

While I'm not such a big fan of most bleached denim anymore, I felt inspired by the washed-out floral print of the Calla for April 77 Marky Jeans, and decided to see how a pair of the black floral BDGs would look after a good bleach out.  The ladies at the bleaching station gave it an all-over spritz, and within minutes, my black jeans had faded to a light orange, with the ghosted out silhouettes of the flowers remaining.  Since the spritzer didn't cover the entire surface area of my pants, I ended up bleaching out the jeans a bit more at home in my bathtub using three parts water to one part bleach, until they were evenly faded throughout.  I love the results so much that I'm already making alteration plans for the rest of the untouched jeans in my wardrobe.

The floral jeans before the first round of bleaching

Hanging up my newly bleached jeans to dry on a rack with various other DIY denim projects. Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Other styles from the BDG collection

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Amanda said...

i picked the same ones too at the event and like the bleached version even better- think i'll do this too!

Six Six Sick said...

Sad that I missed you there! I think the floral jeans look so much better bleached, go for it!

Lucinda said...

So effective. If I had a pair of floral jeans I'd do this.

somewherebetweenwakingandsleeping said...

oooooooh man are you wearing a carin wester dress in the photo where you're hanging up your jeans?! I have been hunting for that dress for YEARS after missing out on it when it first came out coz I was much too poor to afford it :(
That one is definitely on my dream dress list - give me a shout if you ever decide to sell that bad boy ;)

Six Six Sick said...

Yes, my dress is a really old Carin Wester dress. It's too bad you're not in Stockholm, because they were selling it at the last CW sample sale for cheap! Will let you know if I ever see it pop up again!

fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo said...

I much prefer the bleached jeans to how they were originally. Now I want to find a pair for myself just so I can try this DIY.

The Contemporist said...

These jeans are just amazeballs. I'm in love.