Monday, July 30, 2012

Twinkle Toes

All photos by Strathcona Stockings

I have a hard time resisting a good galaxy print, and a sweet pair of socks, so when I saw those two things flawlessly combined by Strathcona Stockings, I became immediately obsessed.  While it was the dreamily hued cosmo print that initially caught my eye, Strathcona has plenty of other colorful and beautifully executed hand-printed trouser socks.  The current roster of original prints include a cornucopia of fruits, blooming flowers, exotic birds, palm trees, and dreamy watercolors, and I could imagine my life and my wardrobe would be a whole lot more fun if I had every single pair in the collection.  At $36 a pair, they are a small splurge for a pair of socks, so I will probably only stick to one pair of star-spangled socks to start with--at least for now.


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1 comment:

meagan said...

these socks are SO lovely.