Sunday, July 15, 2012

Never Nude

Connector necklace and bracelets courtesy of Naked Label, Ideeen sweater, Todd Oldham dress, Chloe heels, sunglasses courtesy of Norma Kamali, Slow and Steady Wins the Race bag

While plenty of designers list futurism as a source of inspiration, few manage to translate the concept as gracefully as Allison Press of Naked Label.  For her latest collection, Cosmos, Press created necklaces that looked like they are adorned by tiny swirling planets, pendants that resemble alien vertebrae, and space-age laser-cut acrylic bangles.  The pieces touch on the universe and the cosmos in an abstract manner, without ever getting too literal.  My favorite group, which Allison kindly sent me, are a set of Connector bracelets and necklaces, made out of rubber tubing filled with tiny blue beads, and connected by three different sets of magnetic clasps that serve as industrial looking accents.  I'm also obsessed with the UFO necklace, which I've been wearing non-stop.

Naked Label UFO necklace and Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet romper


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Wear The Canvas said...

I love this outfit! That dress is amaizngggg!

Jessica @ said...

Hi I'm new to your blog, HOLY SHIT you have the coolest style! Bookmarkeddddd <3333

harbourmaster said...

The beaded tube pieces are fantastic, I love (and am super impressed by the skill I'm sure it took to achieve) the gradient!

Emma Riley said...

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kakang kokong said...

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