Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nails, Cocktails, and the Gang at Hester Street

Annie and Christina at the Cirque and Shelter booth at the Hester Street Fair

I've spent the last two bright beautiful Saturdays hanging out with Annie, Christina, Sofia, and Riza while they worked at their new booth at Hester Street Fair.  After months of laboriously mixing colors, experimenting with glitters, and probably breathing in tons of fumes, Annie has finally launched her brand of nailpolishes, Cirque.  Her first collection, Dark Horse, features a dozen shimmer, glitter, and sparkle based colors in shades that you won't find in any drugstore beauty isle.  She gave me a few of her favorite colors to take home, and I've been playing around and mixing them with my own nailpolishes all week.  It's hard deciding a favorite, but Epoch, a holographic bluish-green that's the shade of a beetle wing, is what I'm wearing right now, and I never want to take it off.  I also love how well all of the colors work so well together, and seem to look the best when layered or paired with one another.

Christina has also been hard at work with Shelter, a line of candles she's been making Sofia and Riza.  In addition to their line of beeswax candles shaped like bottles and twigs, they've moved on to making scented candles now (finally!), and are planning on coming up with new scents every season.  My personal favorite is Pink Moon, which has a lovely scent of lavender, citrus, sandalwood and berries.

On both of my visits to Hester Street, I only meant to stop by to say hi, but ended up staying to hang out with my favorite lady friends, taste a sampling of the delectable selection of food from local vendors, sip on secretly spiked drinks, and of course, paint my nails with Cirque.  I even switched my energy from corporate windpower to cheaper, non-corporate windpower.  So productive!  Anyway, both Cirque and Shelter will be at Hester Street Market every other Saturday this summer, so make sure to pay the girls a visit if you're in the city.

All the different shades of Cirque polish, which range cost $12-$16

Today's Cirque manicure: Debris layered over Epoch

Shelter bottle shaped candles

New Shelter mini scented tea lights, $4 each, or $14 for a pack of four

Cirque polishes

Beautiful packaging to take my Cirque nailpolish kit home in!

French manicure using Dark Horse (tips) and Potosi (overcoat), by Cirque, and Nude (base coat) by Urban Outfitters

Tibetan Nights (base coat), Fascination Street (tips), and Potosi (overcoat), all by Cirque

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