Sunday, June 10, 2012

Instagram Diaries

Jonathan's Birthday Cake

In the midst of my entire apartment falling apart (windows, lights, and plumbing somehow all simultaneously must be fixed), my camera also decided to give up on me this week, leaving me with nothing more than my iPhone to document everything I've been up to and everyone I've been visiting.  Seeing as it's my last free week before I start my new job, I've been running around town getting all my errands done, and catching up with some of my favorite friends and local designers.  Better photos of said designers are on the way, but in the meantime, here's my past week via Instagram.

Floral bouquets at the opening of the new Bijules flagship store at 355 Bowery

Jules presenting the latest collection of her jewelry at the Media Seance at her new shop

Hearts on fire at the Bijules flagship store

Becca custom fitting my Chromat bikini at her new studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yards

The Chromat inspiration board

Degen Knitwear mood board

Anne Koch's installation at Allegra LaViola Gallery

Carved tree stumps at Figment on Governor's Island


Stilt walking musicians at Figment

Victoria on the Statue of Liberty installation at Figment

A puppet from the Children's Museum of Art's stop motion animation program at Figment


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Amanda said...

love the degen knitwear pieces.. so neat!