Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Etsy, Instagram, Etc...

Single Buckle Rings in Gunmetal, Silver, and Gold-plated brass, available individually or as a set

Following Christina's longstanding obsession with Etsy, we've decided to launch a Six Six Sick Etsy shop featuring smaller pieces of jewelry inspired by our main line, Triskaidekaphobia.  The capsule collection embodies the same sense of strange beauty, and exploration of the fantastic encompassed in the main collection, while also touching on a sense of nostalgia and a loss of innocence.  Prices start at $30 for a single buckle ring, and nothing on the site will be over $100.

In other news, I also recently got addicted to Instagram.  Yes, for better or for worse (actually most definitely for worse--while my husband's been away I've taken to eating meals in front of my computer) we officially spend 95% of our waking lives online.  Follow us at @sixsixsickgirls.

Sterling Silver Nostalgia rings, sold individually or as a set

Gold Vermeil Nostalgia Rings, sold individually or as a set

Silver plated brass Bicuspid Necklace

Gold plated brass Molar Necklace

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