Friday, June 1, 2012

Agony and Ivory

All photos by Nakkna

Back while I was in Sweden, I heard some terrible rumors about the demise of one of my favorite Stockholm based labels, Nakkna.  I didn't see any of their clothes sold at boutiques that previously carried them, and their own stand up shop had long ago been replaced by something else.  After a look at their website (which I should have probably checked earlier), I've happily found that the rumors are false, and that Nakkna is still creating its signature brand of minimal, geometrically cut, directional attire.  Rather than following the normal Spring/Fall collection schedule, Nakkna is now releasing small capsule collections throughout the year at their desired pace, and selling them directly to the consumer via their online shop.  Their latest collection features stark black, white, and greyscale pieces that alternate between aggressively angular and dynamically drapey, and even if they're forward thinking in design, they're clearly made for everyday use and wear.  I just wish I had found the webstore before I left Sweden so I could have saved on international shipping fees.


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