Thursday, May 31, 2012

Protective Gear

 All photos by Nikita Karizma

While harnesses and restraints hardly raise eyebrows these days, I do have a high appreciation for the ones that London based designer Nikita Karizma creates.  Not afraid to take on provocative subject matter, Nikita designed her first collection with female abuse in mind.  While the harnesses and restraints play on the idea of restriction and a lack of agency, other elements, such as protective headgear, spikes, and armor act as a form of physical protection.  Nikita even designed a rape/SOS alarm embedded in an accessory that sends a Bluetooth signal to the wearer's smartphone, which then sends an emergency messages to a family member with a GPS location of the wearer. While I sincerely hope none of us would ever have need for such a device, I wouldn't mind having such an accessory, or any of the others Nikita designed, to wear home on a long walk home late at night.


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