Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gimme A Beat

All photos by Molami

Headphones, in the last few years, have become a surprisingly ubiquitous accessory.  In both New York and Stockholm, many of my fellow subway companions regularly sport various shades of Urbanears (which originated in Sweden, but are so popular that they are even sold in J.Crew's children's section), or, as Christina pointed out, Beats, Dr. Dre's headphone line.  I generally prefer earbuds myself, finding headphones too clunky to carry around, and too easy to get tangled in just about everything.  Recently though, my earbuds broke, and I've been wearing a pair of Eskuches that I normally reserve for behind the DJ booth.  Now that I'm getting accustomed to them, nicer pairs are starting to catch my eye.

I first spotted Molami, yet another Swedish headphone line, at Nitty Gritty in Stockholm.  Since Sweden has pumped out an endless stream of musical talent, while simultaneously maintaining a reputation for forward thinking design, it's hardly surprising that such meticulously designed headphones would originate from the country.  Designer Maria von Euler drew upon her background in tailoring and fashion design to create luxe new headsets that incorporate leather and fabric, as well as silver or gold metallic accents.  The pleat headphones have a dynamic angular shape that flatters the face, while another model features earphones built into a soft silk headband that straps around the head.  They're beautifully crafted, easy to use, and perfectly balance form and function.  If I had a pair, I would wear them everyday---they're simply too nice to wear while hiding behind a DJ booth. 

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