Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Sport

All photos by Beit Ha'ir

A few weeks ago, a received an email from my friend Daniel Palillo announcing his participation in a F? A Year of Fashion in at Beit Ha'ir, a museum in Tel Aviv.  While Tel Aviv is a little bit off the map fashion wise, I was incredibly impressed with the ambitious year long show that the museum's curators put together, tapping both Israeli and international designers to create a series of temporary exhibitions. The roster is impressive, including threeASFOUR, Boudicca, Anne Valerie Hash, and Vibskov and Emenius, in addition to Daniel.

While I had a difficult time navigating the website, as I can't read Hebrew, I only had to look at the photographs to see that they had put on a spectacular opening, which included a fashion show of Daniel's sport and cartoon inspired Spring collection of adult and children's clothes.  Most impressive was a special video made for the exhibition, featuring the Bney Yehuda soccer team, whose members were decked out in custom made Daniel Pallilo outfits.  I'm not usually a fan of sports, or fashion videos for that matter, but this one is particularly riveting, and definitely worth viewing.  And, if you do find yourself in Tel Aviv, the show will be going on with rotating exhibitions through the end of the year.

Daniel Palillo video collaboration with Bney Yehuda football team, was created by Matan Guggenheim and Daniel Kutz.

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