Tuesday, April 10, 2012

En Vacances

Bike storage at Les Frigos, an art collective in Paris

I've been silent for the past two weeks because I've been on family vacation in France.  In college, I spent a semester in Grenoble, but there are still many areas of the country that I haven't seen, and we took a car trip around the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, finishing with the requisite stop in Paris.  Jimmy and I went there starving, as we lack decent affordable restaurants in Stockholm.  As you can imagine, I was too occupied stuffing my face and expanding my waistline to take any decent photos, but here are a few snapshots I captured along the way.  Can't wait for my next trip back.  Now it's time to get back to work, more consistent blogging, and my regular all-carb diet of instant noodles and pasta. 
The requisite cup of hot chocolate at Angelina's in Paris. I'm proud to say that I finished the entire pot.

Toy sailboats at the Jardin Luxembourg

Jimmy at Les Frigos

One of the graffiti teddies that kept on making appearances all over Les Frigos

Outside of Les Frigos

A serpentine street grating in the medieval town of Sarlat

Duck at the Jardin Luxembourg

A four hundred year old wine cave in Bordeaux

L'Arc de Triomphe

Le Louvre
The last two Pierre Hermes macaroons :(

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Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Oo, lucky you! Now you've got me hankering for a visit to Paris... I hope I can squeeze a day or two in this summer. Hey that reminds me, don't forget to let me know when you plan to be in NY. I have a big bag of yarn put aside for you that I think you'll find amusing! XXX Suzanne